Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Checklists to Follow Before Buying Your Dream Home

Buying a home for the first time in your life? Well, it must be a wonderful feeling! But, at the same time, you would probably be in need of some help. The home buying process doesn’t start in a second and ends in a minute! It does have a number of strides involved in it. So, before you step into the same and start streamlining the process, you should actually need to be a bit organized, so that it becomes easy to jump through the hoops.
Taking possession of a new home is always an inexplicable feeling and the satisfaction one gets at the custody is comparable to none. Also, there are many instances where the buyers are seen to be duped by the builders; the unfilled promises by the developers not only make the buyers feel cheated, but also worsen the situation yet more. Therefore, to avoid such state, it’s always recommended that you do a detailed check of the property and get the best worth for your money in the manner.
Here are some of the important checklists to know before you step into your dream home-
·         Validate all the important documents - This is perhaps the most important thing to consider while buying a new home. Buying a home is certainly one of the biggest investments in your life and thus, always make sure that all the documents you have received from the owner are highly authenticated. Right from the encumbrance certificate to the commencement document, you should be obtaining every mandatory authorized feat that stands for your possession.
·         Amenities- When you are ready to spend almost all your savings for buying your dream home, it actually makes sense to make sure that you get every particular facility promised by the builder before. Gymnasium, swimming pool and constant security are just quite a few names to utter; however, there are a plethora of other amenities that should be in the desirable condition. Check the elevators if they are properly working. Especially, if your flat is high up and you have senior members in your family, this is something you should always mull over on the prime note.
·         Fittings- Also, you should check whether the developer is providing you with the same branded fittings as promised earlier. The door knobs, the kitchen & bathroom fittings and even the electrical switches should give you the money’s worth. Are all the doors and windows are placed at the designated places? Does the quality measure up to the previous agreement? – These are the basic questions that should tickle your mind before you take the most awaited possession.
·         Check for leakages and cracks- Crack on the wall is one of the most common issues often faced by the home buyers at the time of possession. So, always make sure that the ceiling, the foundation and the walls are in the perfect condition. Also, never forget to look over the plumbing system for any kind of possible leakage.
·         Look around for convenience- Last but not the least; the area you have chosen for your dream home should always be well-connected with all the important hubs in the city. Some basic facilities like schools, hospitals, banks, ATMs etc. should always be there in the close proximity.
So, before you sign the final agreement, do consider all these important aspects and give it a perfect go!