Friday, 21 April 2017

Earth Day- Its History and Impact on the Mankind

Founded in the year 1970, Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April every year as a day of edification about environmental causes.
Gaylord Nelson, the then U.S Senator from Wisconsin started with the idea of celebrating a national day for environment, after the spill of oil in Santa Barbara in 1969. Seeing the anti war movement by many students, he thought of enforcing the environment protection theory in the national political meeting. He persuaded Pete McCloskey, a former republican congressman from California State, to serve as his co partner to implement the idea of “national teach-in on the environment”, and got Denis Hayes, an environment advocate as is coordinator. Hayes got as many as 85 people as staffs to promote the events across the country. In 1995, Senator Nelson was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his part of being founder of The Earth Day.

In 1970, The Earth Day got a number of political alliances, which were braced by Republicans and Democrats, many powerful people from different industries and other common people as well. The United States Environment Protection Agency was established at the end of the year which gave way for for Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species  Acts.
In 2000, The Earth Day reached millions of people using the technology of Internet and media. Hayes started yet another campaign in 2000 which directed a great deal on global warming. In 184 countries, there were approximately 5000 environment groups which reached millions of people.
This year the March for Science has joined forces with Earth Day Network (EDN) group for a rally at the national mall in Washington D.C. which will include musical performances, speeches and training with scientists and civic organisers.
Education is the base for progress and it can alter the entire way how people think and work. Thus, a global awareness about the concept of climate change and its impact on the humankind is actually meant to save the planet from every environmental threat. Earth Day is specially intended to teach people with the knowledge of environmental protection in order to safeguard them from any probable ecological menace.

Climate literacy is again one of the main yardsticks to follow whenever it comes to creating green awareness and promoting climate laws. At the same time, hastening up green technologies is one of the most innovative ways how people can contribute to the welfare of the environment and Earth Day seems to stimulate the process.

Let’s celebrate this Earth Day with your community and expand the awareness among the entire clan you know. By raising alertness about environmental issues and changing public attitudes is how you can take an active role in the interests of the society.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Looking For low Budget Homes In Pune Under 30 Lakh? Search For These Localities

Ready to move in? Looking for affordable yet comfortable homes at convenient locations? This post is going to provide you with enough information about the same.
If Viman Nagar, Koregaon Park or Kalyani Nagar have gone out of your budget, Wagholi, located in the east of Pune, can easily come within your range. With the growing infrastructure in Wagholi, it has not only emerged as one of the most hankered after locations in the city, but has also become one of the best areas for NRIs to invest in Pune.
Besides, while a number of renowned schools in Wagholi namely Sanskriti School, The Lexican International School, Prodigy Public School, JSPM institution etc. have escalated its importance to a significant height; the presence of an array of hospitals, banks and shopping malls has also made Wagholi hum with immense potentials. The builders in Wagholi have taken the best of opportunities and put forth quite a few high-up 2 bhk and 3 bhk under construction as well as ready possession flats that not only exceed the buyers’ expectations, but also strive to give them their money's worth. The 1 bhk flats in Wagholi are available at Rs 25 Lakh, while the 2 bhk flats can be purchased at Rs 30 Lakh onwards.

Undri, with its convenient location and excellent housing projects, can also come within your budget and help you find your dream home.
The 1 bhk and 2 bhk under construction and ready possession flats in Undri come with a surplus of modern-class amenities and make sure that the buyers are left with no space to harbor any sort of grievances. As for example, Godrej Greens by Godrej Properties is one of the elite projects at Undri, Pune, offering you more shades of green than you ever imagined. Surrounded by the majestique Sahyadri Hills, Godrej Greens can transport you to a space of unbridled joy and help you experience a complete different environ.
Also, the presence of quite a renowned schools in Undri  like Bishops School, RIMS and Euro School has made the place one of the hot locations for the home buyers. At the same time, when its close proximity to a number of important hubs has increased its significance to a considerable height, the reasonable budget of Rs. 25 Lakh -30 Lakh has provided the buyers with a great peace of mind.

Located at the intersection of Dehu-Alandi Road and Pune- Nashik road, Moshi has now become one of the thriving locations in Pune. The 2 bhk and 3 bhk new launched apartments in Moshi offer the residents the best living experience, instilling a positive feeling in them to enjoy life quite differently.
So, for the home buyers in search of pristine joy and pleasure, the apartments in Moshi can come to their finest choice. The budget flats within the range of Rs. 25 Lakh- Rs. 30 Lakh, can give the buyers the best value for their money.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Checklists to Follow Before Buying Your Dream Home

Buying a home for the first time in your life? Well, it must be a wonderful feeling! But, at the same time, you would probably be in need of some help. The home buying process doesn’t start in a second and ends in a minute! It does have a number of strides involved in it. So, before you step into the same and start streamlining the process, you should actually need to be a bit organized, so that it becomes easy to jump through the hoops.
Taking possession of a new home is always an inexplicable feeling and the satisfaction one gets at the custody is comparable to none. Also, there are many instances where the buyers are seen to be duped by the builders; the unfilled promises by the developers not only make the buyers feel cheated, but also worsen the situation yet more. Therefore, to avoid such state, it’s always recommended that you do a detailed check of the property and get the best worth for your money in the manner.
Here are some of the important checklists to know before you step into your dream home-
·         Validate all the important documents - This is perhaps the most important thing to consider while buying a new home. Buying a home is certainly one of the biggest investments in your life and thus, always make sure that all the documents you have received from the owner are highly authenticated. Right from the encumbrance certificate to the commencement document, you should be obtaining every mandatory authorized feat that stands for your possession.
·         Amenities- When you are ready to spend almost all your savings for buying your dream home, it actually makes sense to make sure that you get every particular facility promised by the builder before. Gymnasium, swimming pool and constant security are just quite a few names to utter; however, there are a plethora of other amenities that should be in the desirable condition. Check the elevators if they are properly working. Especially, if your flat is high up and you have senior members in your family, this is something you should always mull over on the prime note.
·         Fittings- Also, you should check whether the developer is providing you with the same branded fittings as promised earlier. The door knobs, the kitchen & bathroom fittings and even the electrical switches should give you the money’s worth. Are all the doors and windows are placed at the designated places? Does the quality measure up to the previous agreement? – These are the basic questions that should tickle your mind before you take the most awaited possession.
·         Check for leakages and cracks- Crack on the wall is one of the most common issues often faced by the home buyers at the time of possession. So, always make sure that the ceiling, the foundation and the walls are in the perfect condition. Also, never forget to look over the plumbing system for any kind of possible leakage.
·         Look around for convenience- Last but not the least; the area you have chosen for your dream home should always be well-connected with all the important hubs in the city. Some basic facilities like schools, hospitals, banks, ATMs etc. should always be there in the close proximity.
So, before you sign the final agreement, do consider all these important aspects and give it a perfect go!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Tips and Tricks to Design Your New Home

Tired of the same age old designs at your home? Are you looking for exclusive ideas to perk up the interior? You have come to the right page, then! This post is going to give you some of the best home decorating tips that will not only improve the space, but will also transport you into a completely different world.   
A good apartment with a good interior is always part of a good plan and for this, you need a keen eye for detailing. However, some unique plans can actually come to your great help and make you experience just what you are in search of. 

Be wise while choosing the color scheme- When it comes to selecting the color, you have to be smart enough to do the job perfectly. Whether it’s the living room or the master bed room or even the dining, a good color scheme can actually modify the entire space. Apart from going with the perfect colors for the walls, a lot of other things including the floor, the curtains, the furniture and even the closets demand an ideal color pattern. And, for this, you need to be extra cautious while planning the interior.
There are an end number of paint colors available in the market and to go with the best one can really be a weary task for you. But, provided you adhere to the right scheme, you can actually ensure a great result. Opt for the things that really work and yes, they can do wonders! A particular tone that suits your current room might not go with the place you are thinking of shifting in. Try to mix-match the light shades like pink, yellow, light blue with the darker hues like royal blue, red, purple etc.
Go for lighter shades if the room is small in size and choose the dark ones, in case the space is quite large or spacious. Now, if it’s your kids’ room, try to opt for pastel colors, as its natural light will not only be soothing to their eyes, but will also brighten up the area to a significant extent. 

Place the antiques perfectly- Are you fond of antiques? Do you have a great collection worth displaying? Then, don’t wait to flaunt them right away! A good antiquarian display will not only perk up the interior, but will also impart a unique tint to the same. Be smart enough to use them perfectly at the perfect place. Be it the bathroom or the living room or even the balcony, a right set of artifacts can actually give your interior a smart look. Now, when it comes to choosing the furniture, you again need to be quite picky. Use low-slung furniture to make the room look spacious and airy. You can also take advices from good designers and act accordingly. 

Know how to position the rug- It may look very trivial a concern, but the look of your interior depends on the way you have arranged the rug at your living room. Always make sure that the rug is large enough to cover all the furniture legs on it. Keeping all the legs touching the rug is a great way how you can give the inmates a cozy feeling. It will also liven up the space to a significant extent. Moreover, be a bit particular while choosing the color as well. 

Create a focal point – Always try to create a focal point in your living room, so that it becomes the centre of attraction, thereby spicing up the chamber to a significant extent. Be it a big dining table or a centre table of exclusive design; make it play the pivotal role in improving the space. Thus, always act smart to choose something that will be the best at drawing attention, bringing all the eyes right at there. 

Try to impose good lighting fixtures as well. No matter how big or small the space is, a good combination of light can always perk up the room.
So, what are you still pondering over? Opt for something that makes you smile and enliven you at the best. Also remember, overtly perfect rooms don’t really count in reality. You can also try being a bit haphazard and still being able to create an improved look with a handful of modern style.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Pune Metro

Pune Metro

Believe it or not, the upcoming Pune Metro is actually going to give a complete make-over to the city. Especially, with the rising traffic, when the city is deep merged into smoke and smoulder, the implementation of Pune Metro will not only decrease the pollution rate to a significant extent, but will also perk up the living of the citizens way much higher.
A recent survey states that the expanding traffic of Pune can never be balanced by any road-based system or by any fly over. So, while the entire city has come under huge stress with the increased level of air and noise pollution, the proposal of Pune Metro has appeared just as a beam of gleaming ray.
Let's explore the history-

After the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation gave in the detailed project report in the year 2008, the Pune Municipal Corporation yielded the proposal to the Union Government and made space for a number of provisions in the yearly budget for the plan. However, Pune Metro Rail Corporation will be undertaking the project and is expected to complete the same in the next few years.
Although most of the metro routes were proposed to be elevated initially, after the citizens of Pune differed with the pitch, the authority decided to opt for a complete underground project. The roads were the major concerns which were too narrow to stand the enlarged traffic which would follow the construction. It was November, 2011 when the Maharashtra Government proclaimed that all the metro routes in Pune would be underground. However, again in the year 2012, the PMC decided to execute the entire project as stated in the DMRC report – mostly hoisted and partly underground.
The routes-
The 1st Line- Pimpri-Chinchwad to Swargate – this will be the first route of the proposed Pune Metro. After trailing through the elevated path up to Range Hills, it will follow the underground route to Swargate. According to the DMRC report, this 1st line of Pune Metro will further be expanded to Hadapsar and Nigdi via Bhosari, Khadki and Shivajinagar.
The 2nd line- The 2nd line of Pune Metro will be completely elevated and connect Ramwadi to Vanaz via Mangalwar Peth and Deccan Gymkhana. The main depot of this 15 km long route will be at Kothrud. As per the plan, the extended line will go up to Chandannagar and a split up route will also be there to link up the Pune Airport.
The 3rd line- Deccan Gymkhana to Bund Garden – this will be the 3rd route with Swargate and Race Course connected in between.
The 4th line- The route from ASI to Hinjewadi will again be the elevated one and is expected to bring in a huge convenience in the transportation.
Airport line- This elevated line will connect Bhosari to New Pune International Airport via Moshi and Chakan.
A better connectivity to experience-   
Pimpri Chinchwad- The first route of Pune Metro up to Swargate is expected to be a major hit! Locations like Pimple Saudagar, Pimple Gurav, Pimpri, Dapodi, Market Yard, Mandai, Budhwar Peth will be extremely benefitted with the plan. Especially, its underground course after Range Hills has elevated its importance yet more.
Ramwadi- The second route connecting Ramwadi to Vanaz is again going to mitigate the horrendous traffic on road and bring in a balance in the manner. Locations like Vimannagar, Kalyaninagar, Yerwada, Kothrud and even Warje will be highly benefitted with the scheme.
Deccan Gymkhana- After the successful implementation of the project, Deccan Gymkhana is going to get an elevated status, as it will not only make the transportation easy for FC College and Symbiosis College, but will also  well-connect a number of places including Pune Railway Station, Shivajinagar, Ruby Mall and many more.
Hinjewadi- The extension of 4th Pune metro route to Hinjewadi is actually going to perk up the entire transportation system of Pune. Although this particular plan from ASI to Hinjewadi was under controversy for quite a long gap of time, but the recent approval from the CM has appeared just as a toast to all the citizens. Hinjewadi metro station will be of great help to a number of adjacent locations including Balewadi, Patilnagar, Baner, Laxminagar and many more. Also, connecting North with the South, this metro route is really expected to bring in a quick transformation to the city.
Bhosari- Kalewadi Phata – The proposed metro rail in Pune is expected to be a bliss for the entire city and the extension from Bhosari to Kalewadi Phata is again not an exception for the people residing in the adjacent locations. Starting from Rudra Colony and Masulkar Colony to Sector 1 and Dhanwade Wasti, a greater cut of region is going to reap huge benefits from the much coveted Pune metro project.
Kasarwadi-Shastri Nagar – The construction of the project has not even started and the Pune metro map has already come as a stress-reliever for many of them who are nearly frustrated due to the huge convenience caused by daily traffic. The extension from Kasarwadi to Shastri Nagar will again be a big success. The adjacent areas including Kranti Nagar, Kashid Park, Yerwada, Vimannagar etc. will get in exclusive benefits from the metro route.
Bopodi- Chikalwadi, Aundh, University of Pune- Ever since the Pune metro news has hit the platform, the citizens are almost counting days for the execution of the same. The metro line connecting Bhopodi, Chikalwadi, Aundh and University of Pune is going to be a big respite for a major scale of people.   Moreover, this exclusive Pune metro route will be highly advantageous to the students from the University as well.
Also, the recent development plan approved by the State Government on 4th January, 2017 is expected to kick off the Pune metro project even earlier. Special emphasis has been given on the ‘influence zone’ and the locations like Shivajinagar and Peth areas are going to be highly benefitted from the same.
The bottom line-
To conclude, the implementation of Pune Metro will actually transform the city to an extra-ordinary height and bring in a number of opportunities for the property investors as well as the realtors. The advanced transportation is going to be a big stroke for the entire city.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Pune Properties See a Significant Rise in December

Although there were an end number of misbeliefs and myths about the prospect of real estate sector after demonetization, all the misconceptions have now seemed to dissolve with the running stride of time. According to the top honchos in the industry, property registrations in Pune have seen a climb of 34 percent, while the state of Maharashtra has experienced 29 percent of the same. Compared to the documentations in the past few years, it is now expected that the real estate sector will nearly see a record in the growth by March, 2017.
Although the real estate market was quite down after demonetization, it has now seemed to recover slowly. All the eight divisions of the state have not only seen maximum registrations in December, but have also foreseen a great prospect in the near future. People who had planned for a registration earlier in November happened to postpone it up to December. And, especially, with digital transactions taking an upper hand nowadays, the per day average property registration has actually seen a steep growth.
A number of Studies have been conducted saying that there were many investors who might have inspected properties before Diwali , but preferred to wait after demonetization made its arrival. But, as soon as they took in there was no considerable change in the property prices, they might have clinched back the confidence towards registration. Moreover, the urban areas are not the only region witnessing the difference; the same has been experienced in the rural areas as well.
There was an over-reflexive reaction after the much debated ban on the big currency notes by Modi Govt. However, things have started getting normalized and all the rumors about the fall of property prices have seemed to evaporate with the fleeting time. It is expected that in the next three-four months, it will not only get much better, but with RERA crossing the line, the real estate industry is sure to experience a greater fortune.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Banks Welcome Lower Interest Rates.


       A Perfect Retort to Modi’s Appeal- Lending Rate Reduced by up to 90 Points. After RBI came with the decision of an unchanged Repo Rate on December 7, 2016, the recent verdict of Modi on yesterday has again left a deep surge on the entire real estate sector. The country’s leading public sector banks have slashed the MCLR by up to 90 points, making it an ‘easy-go’ for all the home buyers across the country. Among a number of rate cuts in the past years, this one has been marked as the steepest one, as it’s not only expected to perk up the loan growth, but is also  estimated as one of the most significant moves in the financial history of India.
MCLR (marginal cost of funds based lending rate) which has a direct impact on all the loans sanctioned in the country is decided to be 8 per cent instead of 8.9 per cent. Home loans of most of the public sector banks in the country are directly related to the one-year MCLR and the recent rate cut will be relevant to all the fresh loans granted to every home buyer in India. The expected interest rate between 8.25 -8.5 per cent is going to be a big relief to the entire community of the end users.
Apart from SBI, the other PSU lenders including Union Bank of India and Punjab National Bank have also decided to trail through the same path and slashed down the lending rate by 0.9 per cent. Also, IDBI Bank has announced the cutback by 9.2 -9.15 per cent, contributing to the move to a significant extent. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal on December 31st to all the banks to pay special concern towards the demand of the poor and middle class people has been perfectly responded by the leading lender SBI as well as its subsidiaries.